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Prime Advertising Consultancy FZE is a newly set up agency to cater to an international client based in the AGCC markets and Iran. the ideology • build long-term values for our clients’ brands through creative ideas • create advertising rules rather than following them • consider our clients as our partners; we grow, when they grow the ideology the attitude • we are fervent about every single brand we handle • we accept criticism to improve on our quality of work, which benefits our clients • we believe in partnering our clients to work hand-in-hand to make their brand a success our clients they develop products, we help them build the brands their passion for their brands inspires our creativity their support to their brands is our opportunity to excel they trust us with their brands, we deliver loyalty in short.

Job Position: Service Field Engineer At Prime Advertising Consultancy FZE

  • Making preparations and doing the work independently according to the prescribed protocols and procedures.
  • Commissioning and testing installations or parts of installations independently or on a project basis.
  • Analyzing malfunctions within multiple technical disciplines.
  • Answering the clients and organization questions on a professional level.
  • Analyzing measuring and trend data using special equipment and tools.
  • Advising the client or the person responsible for the project about the technical aspects of an installation.
  • Leading, working together, or support employees of a team (local), subcontractors, the client’s employees and employees from other professional disciplines with technical matters.
  • Coordinating the work on locations independently if necessary.
  • Determining and taking care of the recourses and materials that are needed to perform the tasks.
  • Evaluating the functioning of the installation according to the specifications.
  • Providing technical support by phone, email or any other remote way of communication.
  • Making a work plan and risk analysis (JSA) according to the company Safety Policy before performing the job.
  • Following up the safety-related actions according to the JSA form and company Safety Policy.
  • Signaling problems and improvements in the daily processes.
  • Create clear daily reports when requested
  • Create clear service reports that can be shared with clients
  • Completion of the work according to a defined level of quality.
  • Adequate and complete documentation, report and handover of information.
  • Correct usage of resources and materials.
  • Being aware of and following the safety regulations at all times.
  • Taking safety measures that are required for the safe completion of the work.
  • Provide solutions after malfunctions have been discovered.
  • Signaling, working out and giving feedback on improvements.
  • Act as the contact person on location; you are the company representative.


  • Bachelor degree in the field of Mechanical, Electronics, Maritime or other related fields
  • Work Experience at least a minimum of 5 years in current position
  • Knowledge of Hydraulics, Electronics, or Mechanics Measurement and Control systems
  • Able to read and understand AutoCAD drawings, Siemens Step7 code, electrical and hydraulic diagrams.

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