MBA Scholarship at Brunel Business School (BBS) UK 2022

MBA Scholarship at Brunel Business School (BBS) UK 2022
MBA Scholarship at Brunel Business School (BBS) UK 2022

MBA Scholarship at Brunel Business School (BBS) UK 2022 is open to International Students. The scholarship allows Masters’s level program(s) in the field of All Subjects taught at Newcastle University. The deadline for the scholarship is 29 November 2021 at 12 am.

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The Brunel Business School (BBS) is offering a number of prestigious scholarships for UK and overseas (including EU) applicants joining the Brunel MBA in September 2021 and January 2022 of the 2021/22 academic year. Brunel Pathway College (BPC) and Brunel Language Centre (BLC) students can apply for this scholarship after successful completion of their pre-masters course.

Successful awardees may be expected to undertake specified duties as Brunel Ambassadors for the Brunel Business School (BBS). Activities might involve representing the MBA programme at internal and external marketing and recruitment events, providing guest talks and seminars to undergraduate/postgraduate students, providing reports on each event and writing a Brunel MBA Blog and/or other initiatives as appropriate. In addition, awardees will also be expected to assume mentoring responsibilities as required by BBS. Scholarship winners will be contacted by the MBA or Marketing team as and when participation is required.

Scholarship Value:

The Full-Time MBA Scholarship is a £7,000 tuition fee waiver for one year only.

The Full-Time African Continent MBA Scholarship is a £12,135 (50% tuition fee) tuition fee waiver for one year only. 

The Part-Time MBA Scholarship (Corporate/Private sector) is a £9,000 tuition fee waiver for a maximum of two years only, split equally across both academic years, £4,500 per year.

The Part-Time MBA Scholarship (Public/Government) is an £11,000 tuition fee waiver for a maximum of two years only, split equally across both academic years, £5,500 per year.

How many: We are offering 30 scholarships for the full-time MBA, 5 scholarships for the African Continent MBA, and 20 scholarships for the part-time MBA programme.

To be eligible for a Brunel MBA Scholarship an applicant must:

2.1 Apply and fulfill the entry criteria for admission to the Brunel full-time or part-time MBA programme. Awards will be only made to the candidates holding an offer of a place on the MBA programme.

2.2 Be in receipt of an offer to study on a full-time or part-time MBA programme starting in September 2021 or January 2022.

2.3 Complete the Brunel MBA scholarship application form comprising of an essay of no more than 500 words and a supporting statement.

2.4 Recipients of the African Continent MBA Scholarship must:

  • Be a National of a country on the African continent;
  • Should reside in a country on the African continent at the time of scholarship application. 

Part-Time MBA only scholarship:

2.5 The part-time MBA scheme is only open to Home fee-paying applicants based on the UK government regulations. This includes successful applicants with relevant valid UK resident status or on a valid visa for the expected programme duration, upon enrolment. The applicant will be asked to provide evidence of this where it is not clear. Applicants who are unsure of their fee status should note Brunel uses the information they have provided in their application form to assess fee status against regulations set by the UK government. For information on these regulations please visit the independent organisation UKCISA’s website.

2.6 For the purpose of the MBA scholarship an organization that is controlled by a national, state, or provincial/local government authority, it will be considered as a public sector entity. The corporate sector is the part of a country’s economic system that is run by individuals and/or companies, rather than by the government. In addition, part-time MBA applicants are required to submit documentary evidence of their work experience during their application, the applicants should provide confirmation letters from the employers. The employer’s letter will need to exhibit the nature and kind of the organization that the applicant works for. The public/private sector differentiation and the value of the award will be calculated accordingly.

Those not eligible for this Bursary

2.7 Applicants who will not commence their course in the upcoming academic year – applicants holding offers for deferred entry will be considered for a bursary in the year they start their course and not in the year of their course application.


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