State Studies Foundation Loans by the Republic of Lithuania

State Studies Foundation Loans by the Republic of Lithuania
State Studies Foundation Loans by the Republic of Lithuania

The State Studies Foundation is a state budgetary institution, which administers financial support for students. The Foundation started its activities in 1993 when the Government of the Republic of Lithuania established the Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation, whose primary function was to administer support for the projects of groups of scientists. Until 2008  the Foundation had expanded its functions and had become the major institution administering public funds allocated for science; in 1998 it started issuing loans for students. As of the 1st January 2010 the Foundation operates under new name and regulations.

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State Studies Foundation Loans by the Republic of Lithuania

 State-Supported Loans are preferential loans for students issued through the selected credit institutions (banks) for one academic year.

All students enrolled on the first, second and third cycle, integrated and non-degree studies at higher education institutions in Lithuania can apply for a State-Supported Loan.

In cases state below, you cannot get a State-Supported Loan:

  • If a total amount of all your State-Supported Loans received, excluding interest, would exceed 385 BSB (Basic Social Benefit (Lith. abbr. BSI) – € 40) – € 15400;
  • If you suspended studies or are on academic leave;
  • If you already have been granted state-supported loan and fail to fulfill your obligations established by your previous loan agreements;
  • If you are an international student (citizen of non EU or non-European Economic Area country) and have not been granted permanent residency in Lithuania (not applicable for foreigners of Lithuanian origins). Permanent residency (permit of a long-term resident of the Republic of Lithuania to reside in the European Community) means a document entitling an alien to reside in the Republic of Lithuania and certifying the alien’s permanent resident status. Permanent residence permit is executed for five years and after this period passes, it may be replaced (

Types of the State-Supported Loans:

  1. Loan to cover tuition fee. Maximum amount equals the yearly tuition fee of the study course you attend. This loan is paid directly to the account of an institution of higher education until July 1.
  2. Loan to cover living expenses. Maximum amount – € 2000 per year. This loan is paid in equal monthly installments until July 1 to the borrower’s personal account (for last year students until graduation);
  3. Loan for partial studies abroad. Maximum amount – € 2400, to be paid all at once to the borrower’s personal account.
Loans Maximum amountIssued 
 To cover tuition fee Annual tuition fee of the program In autumn and spring semesters
 To cover living expenses Up to 50 BSB (currently € 2000) In autumn semester
 Up to 25 BSB (currently € 1000) In spring semester
 For partial studies abroad Up to 60 BSB (currently € 2400) In spring and autumn semesters
State Studies Foundation Loans by the Republic of Lithuania

In order to get a State-Supported Loan, you should fill an online application form (available in Lithuanian language only). You will be redirected to the form when you click this link .

State allows students to borrow on favorable terms:

  • State-Supported Loans are loans guaranteed by the State;
  • State-Supported Loan repayment starts a year after graduation or termination of the studies;
  • Repayment period of state-supported loan – 15 years;
  • Possible loan grace periods;
  • State Studies Foundation may pay interest during the time of study, as well as during the loan grace period;
  • Possibility of early repayment of the loan at no additional cost.


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